Women In Business & Fatigue #8

What beliefs do I base my life on that are causing me  to become fatigue?  Now that is a thought provoking question.  Do you have an immediate answer?  If I am asked what does “Belief” mean, I have my own answer.  What is your Belief?  Do you go right to a religious definition?  It could be that for you.  If I ask you a very personal question, and you answer, “I don’t Believe so.”  You have just expressed one of your “Beliefs”.

In the last 10 years there have been many, horrific natural disasters.  Think of the one which really made you look up at the TV or to go online and research about it.  Now if I ask you:  What is your “belief” about helping others in their time of need?  What is your answer?   That is your “Belief” about helping others.

What about this?   Your best friend is cheating on her husband.   You are a witness to this.  When you are in the company of the married couple you feel….how?  What is your “Belief” about fidelity?  What is your “Belief” about keeping a secret?  What is your “Belief” about being a good friend?

Do you begin to understand how every day you are making decisions based on your personal “Belief” system?

When you make the decision, you put certain chemical reactions into play within your brain, which do their job very well, producing, anxiety, worry, acid in your stomach, restricted blood vessels in your head and you get all kinds of unpleasant side affects.  These are all indicators that your “True Belief System” is something other than what you just decided.  This is called being “Incongruent”.  That simply means that your inside do not agreed with your outside behavior, thoughts, actions,words and so on.

The opposite is also true.  When you make a decision and it agrees or is in alignment or what is called “Congruent” with who you are at your core and what you believe, you feel a rush of endorphins.  You smile, and if you have gone out on a limb to stand up for something that you believe, you may feel flushed, a rush of heat, jittery and yet really good that you stood up for yourself and what your belief is.

Which one of these scenarios do you think causes “Fatigue” ?

You would be correct,  The answer is  the first one.

Now you connect the dots over these past 8 posts and see how we as women (and men too) can become highly fatigued in many ways in our daily lives.

Want to know how to solve this one?

You need to come to terms with what you believe.

You need to know what that belief is based on.  (Are you still living with the beliefs of your parents, even if they are not yours?)

You need to have conviction about those beliefs and stand up on them when they are ridiculed, taunted, violated, and stomped on.

Do you know how to go through your beliefs and how to put into words what you believe about the things in your life that are the most important?

If you do not; then you are a perfect student for the “Discovering Eve” program.

In this program, we get down to the business of knowing who you are, what you believe in all areas of your life.

It’s coming soon, be on the lookout!