Women In Business & Fatigue #7

What thoughts feed my daily mind that can cause me to be fatigued?  One of biggest challenges to Women – In – Business are the thoughts that race through our heads every moment of every day.  These are the thoughts that can take you offline quicker than anything else.

Here’s a great tip:   If you are having a distracting recurring thought that will not stop; pull out your calendar or go onto your online calendar, actually give that thought an appointment, and then tell yourself that I will think about YOU at the appointed time.

Here’s another great tip: If you are stewing in a mind-field of “WORRY”; get out your calendar and give “WORRY”, a worry time appointment.

Simplistic?   Maybe.  But, think about it, if you actually are able to set aside those distracting thoughts in order to be more productive, isn’t it worth it?

When I am coaching my clients, I frequently us this example and they get the message very quickly.  I’ll set the scene for you:

There is a client of mine sitting in my office and the “challenge” of today’s coaching session is:  “Having too much to do and not enough time to do all the things and the overwhelm that accompany all of this.”

So, I ask the client how heavy do all of those items on your “To Do” list feel during the day as you try to do your job?

“These items feel like a ton of bricks.  I am distracted most of the day and I am not productive at all.  When the day is over, I have accomplished little, the worry is still there and so is the ?!>!?*#!? list!”

Well that sound pretty hopeless and very discouraging to me.  If this were me, I’d feel totally drained!

“IT IS! and I am totally drained.”

Are you up to a little experiment with me?

Well, what is it, I’m not sure?

It is very simple really.  I am going to ask you to close your eyes and put out your arms in front of you with your palms up.  Then I am going to place something quite common to you on your arms and hands.  Then with your eyes still closed, I am going to ask you a couple of questions.  How does that sound ?


Close your eyes.  Now, put your arms straight out in front of you with your palms up.   How are you doing?


Now, I am going to place a common item in your hands but, it is too big for you to just hold with your hands so you will feel this item also on your arms.  It may be just a bit cool.

(I place a common 10 pound bag of aquarium gravel on the clients hands and arms)

Now this is heavy, you’re going to have to hold it until I am finished with my questions.


NO, NO….no opening of the eyes.

Just concentrate on my questions and not what you are holding.

“But, this is heavy….”

Yeh, I know.  So keep holding

1st question:  Think about your list of “To Dos”  …… Got it ?……

2nd question:   Think about all the work that did not get done in the office today because of the distraction and weight of that To Do list…. Got it?

“This is really heavy….my arms are tired….”

Great, it’s working!

If that item you are holding is the weight of your “To Do” list or your “Worries” or something that distracts you throughout your day, and now you feel just how much energy that carrying around that weight feels like…… How willing are you to put that weight down and leave it right here beside the road and move on with your daily activities?

I am ready!  Can I put this down now?

Nope…..we still have some more things to think about.

What else in your life feels this heavy?

Lots of things.

Life What?

Now that conversation didn’t take more than 5 minutes, but the client felt like it was an eternity.  Using that bag of aquarium gravel was a stroke of genius!  Every single client I have used it on get the message load and clear.

Did you get that message?

Fatigue, comes in many disguises!   When that weighty thinking continues day in and day out you literally drain the energy and life right out of your being.  You have nothing left to give for anything that you value.

Think about that.