Women In Business & Fatigue #6

What do I drink daily that fatigues me?  This goes hand in hand with the post from last time.  Do you remember when I asked you:  What do you have left when you remove all the water from your body?  You get a pile of chemicals.  How much of Y-O-U is water?  I am using “water” as a metaphor for what we freely allow to come into all of the entry points into our bodies.  When we drink from the world we get the world.  When we drink in beauty, nature, sunshine etc, we get that benefit and it “hydrates” a certain part of our inner being.  When we drink our “Spiritual Water” we enrich and hydrate our souls.  When we give back to others through volunteering we actually hydrate and nourish a place deep inside ourselves.

My point here is that we have many “Gates” into our deeper self our soul if you will.  Everything you eat, drink, see, hear, touch,  & sense through that wonderful thing called intuition call penetrates your being just as water does.  You have a memory of touch.  You have a memory of feelings, experiences and so on that make up the very fiber of who you are.

Be very “Aware” of what you are putting in daily.