Women In Business & Fatigue #4

How do I “Create” energy in my daily life?  This is another one of those things in life where Y-O-U have to put Y-O-U first.  Wait, just a minute now.    It is possible to do this and not to be overt about it and if you slide these things into your life over the next month; you will feel very energized!

Here’s what you can do:

1.  Do the one thing in your life that makes you happy and puts a smile on your face.  What is that?

OK, get out your planner and schedule that thing for next week sometime and call or make the appointment.

OK, get out your planner again and now make that appointment or call for the next week, and the next week and the next week.

2.  Do you see that stack of dusty magazines you get every month over there on the coffee table?   Go over there and choose three that you really love to read or look at.  Take them to your bathroom and lock the door.

Run a nice tub of bubble bath and crawl in and read and don’t get out until you have read all three.

3.  What kind of music do you love and when you hear it you want to get up and dance?  Great, this Saturday night, turn off the TV and turn on your tunes.  Who ever is around teach them to dance with you and have fun. Don’t take NO for an answer.  Do it anyway.

4.  Who would you love to chat with or have lunch with that you haven’t seen in several months?   OK….pick up the phone and call them right now.  You are probably waiting someplace for something anyway, or pick up the phone and schedule a coffee, lunch or dinner with them.

5.  Where is you closet public park?   Have you ever been there?  OK….put everyone in the car and go.  Let the kids play and you walk around the play yard there and breath deeply.  Feel free to get on the swing and swing yourself.

In life we have four things literally “ROB” us:

People Robbers:  Who are these people? I don’t need to explain this to you, you already know.  Limit your exposure to these folks and if you can eliminate them from your life.

Work Robbers: What is it at work that robs your energy?  You probably know this already, so how can you improve the process?  What skill do you need to turn this from a negative to a positive?

Home Robbers: What is robbing you of your energy at home?  You know what or who this is.   Stand up and take charge.  Delegate and let go of the need to have it perfect everyday.

Energy Robbers (in general): Make a list of those things that you know are robbing the life, vitality and happiness right out of your life.  Now make a real effort to eliminate them from your daily life.  This may be painful, but in the long run, you will be so much happier and full of energy!

Next time we will explore:  What do I eat that robs me of my energy and causes “Fatigue”.