Women-In-Business & Fatigue #3

This is third in a series of blog posts about Women In Business and  Fatigue.  I know anytime I ask a woman, how she is, the answer is almost always:  “I’m dead tired”, or ” I’m beat”, or  “I’m               exhausted”.  Those are the usual responses and I am guilty myself of answering the same way when I have felt  totally drained.

Our question today is:  “How do I  “Conserve” my daily energy?”  I can just hear you now….”How can I conserve when I don’t have enough to work with in the first place?”  Now isn’t that a great    question?!

Are you ready to take some simple questions and by doing just the opposite you will increase you energy immediately?   “….that sounds too easy….what’s the catch?”   The catch is you are attached deeply to these things and to give them up means you have to give up something – The stress and The fatigue that they cause.

1.  Who drains the life right out of you the moment you encounter them?

2.  When do I eat a healthy meal when I am hungry?

3.  What night(s) during the week do I work late or go to an activity that is not of my choosing?

4.  How often do I just “suck it up” and not say something when I am hurt or taken advantage of?

5.  How many nights in the past week did I get in bed by 10 pm and get a full 8?

OK, I know you had immediate answers to all 5 questions!

So how can you “CONSERVE” your daily energy?

1.  Avoid interaction with this person.  You will automatically get a boost of energy.

2.  Stop and eat when you are hungry.  Have something nutritious with you at all times.  These items are already all around you.  Toss them in your purse, car or brief case.  When you go to do the grocery shopping this week, make a new column and title it “My Energy Foods” and start listing away.   This will conserve your daily energy.

3. This one is a clear indication of having “no boundaries”.  The occasional working late for something is expected, but not every night or every week.  Also here, I am including all those mindless after school activities that we parents think our children have to have in order to be “up to speed” with the other kids in order to take full advantage of……?what?  You family and your family’s schedule is not a democracy.  ONE is enough.  If you’ve got a prodigy then let me know and I will give you some great advice otherwise let me tell you what this leads to….Left unchecked this leads to a child who grows up and is always looking to be in a constant state of being on, entertained, busy and does not know how to entertain him/herself, feels restless etc.  Freeing up your night time schedule conserves your energy.

4.  This is one place where you do need to be in the “Boxing Ring” and stand up for yourself!  Open you mouth and speak up.  Yes, there may be consequences but you do not need that relationship if that is all you get.  If it is a boss or co-worker you may need to go to HR and follow channels, but do not sit in silence and suffer.  You will be amazed at how big and tall you feel when you speak up for yourself.

5.  Go to bed at 10 pm.  No ifs, ands, or buts…….the unfinished wash will still be there, the dishes will still be in the sink, the floor will still need vacuuming, it doesn’t matter, you do!  You do not need to stay up to listen to the news….it already happened and they will repeat it all over again in the morning and tomorrow night at dinner again, you can get it online.  You do not need to know what the weather is going to be anyway….it will happen whether you know what it is or not.   When you get up:  look out the window and you’ll know!  It is more important for you to get to sleep and allow your body to repair.

Next time we will explore:  How Do I Create Energy In My Life.