Women In Business and Their Whirling Lives

All of us at some point in our lives has been at a fair or carnival and experienced the joy and squeals of fun while turning round and round of the Ferris Wheel.  You might have event had the unlucky experience of becoming actually ill from too much to eat combined with a hot day and all that whirling around and around  made you sick.  As adults we are able to all to clearly bring up those memories and with a hand stretched out we say, “No….I think I’ll sit this one out”  and we let the younger people go to the Ferris Wheel and we enjoy their pleasure for terra firma.

Our lives are a lot like that Ferris Wheel.  We voluntarily get into the little cage/seat with the safety bar down and are strapped in and then with a push of the big red button off we go into the stratosphere!  Even if we are not feeling well, we can’t get off and when the wheel stops momentarily up at the very top we feel like we have no control over our own fate way up there in the air.  Life is a lot like this.   The Ferris Wheel eventually runs its course and the bar is lifted up and we step out of the car seat we were sitting in, but life isn’t so easy to disembark from is it?

Over the course of my own life, I have had moments of clarity that surprised even me.  I have had the awesome discernment to recognize a moment of learning, a moment of opportunity and have always tried to stay in a mindset of being “teachable”.  In the very near future, I will have my first book published and in this book and subsequent learning program I begin to explain what this process looks like in a woman’s life.

This process is:  Awareness, Growth & Freedom.  Let me explain how these three things can propel you dramatically forward and can help you to regain control of you life and to achieve that elusive “balance” that all of us are seeking.

The first item in the process is: AWARENESS.  Awareness is your ability to recognize when something is either not right or is very right.  You might get a physical reaction like goose bumps, the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end, your heart races, you make experience any number of things and something it is nothing more than a feeling or inkling that you know something is different, and you may not know what that is.  In my book and in my programs which support this book you will learn how to heighten your own AWARENESS and use it to your greatest advantage during your daily life.

The second item in the process is:  GROWTH.  In virtually every area of our lives we need to experience growth in order to mature or grow up.  Knowing what you need to grow in is a big part of the growth process.  Each of us has areas in our lives where we are still kindergartners and in other areas we are experts.  What I do is give you a framework from which to make these decisions for yourselves and then give you the skills and tools that help you to grow.

The third item in this process is :  FREEDOM!  This is the awesome feeling that you experience when you recognize just what you have accomplished and overcome!  This is a feeling that all of us love to experience everyday of our lives.  You can experience this feeling once you understand where the gaps are in your own core foundation of who you are and how you make decisions about life, love, professional life and private life.

Stay tuned to the first publication of my book and be one of the first to get a copy and to start dramatically moving ahead in your own life!