Women-In-Business and Anxiety

“Anxiety” is a tell tale sign that ones “focus” is not where it should be.  We as women in business know this to be a truth.  It is also true in our private lives.  We expend an enormous amount of energy in this arena daily.  To what end I ask you?  How is our participation in this “act” moving us onward, forward and upward?

We all know th answer to this question:  “It is not moving us onward, forward nor upward.”

What would happen if we just tried to: *rejoice in our strengths. * rejoice in our wisdom, rejoice in our gifts for doing certain things, what might happen?

Life isn’t about your circumstances.  You are not your story or are you?  If you didn’t have that story, who would you be?

My life experience has taught me that is isn’t what on the outside of you that’s driving you and your anxiety, but it is what is not being looked at on our insides that is in need of repair.

More tomorrow!