Evaluating Today

I2 has been one week since you voted.  Has anything changed in your life?  Do you feel more optimistic?  Do you feel pessemestic?  Perhaps you feel like a barrier has finally been broken.  Maybe you are full of energy ready to tackle your own “State of Affairs in Your Household”.  Great!  Elections have a way of ushering in a breath of fresh air no matter which side is in power or is not in power.  There is a sense of newness and of a change for the better.

OK, let’s take a look at you now.  In the early 1990’s there were a series of books published on all sorts of things which had to do with habits, time management, principles, leadership, organization and organizing and so on.  One of those books was by Stephen R. Covey, A. Roger Merrill, and Rebecca R. Merrill, entitled “First Things First”.  in the first 50 pages some extraordinary information is explained.

We each have lives which are segmented into 4 areas.  The “Physical” which is “to love”.  The “Social” which is “to live”.  The Mental“, which is “to learn”.  The “Spiritual” which is “to leave a legacy”.    No one of these can exist without the other.  When we spend too much of our lives in any one of these segments the others suffer.  When this happens we are truly unbalanced and we feel great lack and great need   in the other areas. 

When we become completely out of balance (in this case, I mean dwelling too long in any one place), we begin to act like a black hole.  This is one of the main  components of my thought process in our Eve series.  When we become all consumed and let the other areas of our life suffer we create the hole.  This black hole sucks the energy right out of us.  This hole devours our energy, our optimism our attention and our future.

On a scale of 1 (being black hole) and 10 (being giving from the overflow), what number are you in your “Physical” area?  What number are you in your “Mental” area?  What number are you in your “Spiritual” area?  What number are you in your “Social” area?

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