Women in Authentic Leadership

Many of you who read this posting weekly are in the role of “leadership”.

I’d like to ask you how “authentic” is your leadership in the company that you work in?

It is a known fact that men relate to each other “side by side”.

Women on the other hand relate to each other “face to face”.

So as an authentic female in the role of leadership, how do you create a safe space in which to lead?

What has to be in place so that those you lead can actually “hear you”, “see your vision”, “interpret and understand through their own filters” and “follow” your lead?

Being an authentic leader is about “serving” those who look to you for leadership.

How do you become a better server to your employees, your customers, your investors, your peers and even to your family?

Some of you will be confused and drawing a complete blank on these questions.  That’s actually normal.  This isn’t the way we normally approach these subject at all in the workplace.

What is becoming abundantly clear to me of late is that our world is drowning in “complexity”.

I found out recently that this idea of “complexity science” is not new at all and that surprised me.   I was actually relieved that others have been thinking and studying this for a long, long time.

You and I don’t have to know all the details only that it  is part of the very fabric of our lives and that we in our own “world” that we live and work in need to know how to navigate the complexities that we are involved in.

We are all “slow to make a change”, let’s face it the old ways are familiar and comfortable and we know what to expect if we do this or that, this or that happens.    We are safe in a matter of knowing what to expect.

When we do not know what awaits us in uncharted waters, we become scared, vulnerable, our walls of defense rise high, we experience complete overwhelm and if it is all just too much we become paralyzed.

What do you as a leader actually know about any of these things with those that you lead?

How are you going to find out?

Create a new path of “safe” conversation.

Learning still takes place in times of “uncertainty”.

Be the “BRIDGE”.