Women: Are We Happy or Unhappy? Part 3

balanceIn part 2 we revealed some interesting facts about what transpires as we are launched in to the world and how our world changes as reality sets in.  We also learned on “values stretch” can impact us and our families.

Today we will explore the topic of equality in the workplace and balance as it applies to the woman in the workforce here in the US.  There are hundreds of books which are published every year on this topic of “equality” as it relates to women in the workplace and thousands of blogs out there which give data and opinion on this same topic, not to mention the numerous seminars, talks, conventions, and networking events, webinars and other events that are all trying to gain the time, attention and dollars of those Gen X and Gen Y’s in the workforce.  Who matter?  In reality the only person that matters is YOU and what is happening in your life right now.

Here are some facts that you can take to the bank with you.  That means, if you are looking to advance yourself in the workplace, these are some things that you can do to move up.  These are common sense things, but in the heat of the moment, they sometimes escape us.  I place them here for your consideration.  I further want you to note that complicated is never the answer, simple and straight forward without emotion, back up by facts and how the assets you bring to the table at your company will elevate you to the top, anything else.

iStock_000017831176XSmallIn “alpha women” ages 32 to 54 with children at home under the age of 18 and with incomes above $50 K the following traits, behaviors and skills were found to be common:

1.  highly organized

2.  ambitious

3.  resourceful

4.  entreprenuerial

5.  had support at home

6.  ability to prioritize and organize tasks both at home and at the office

7.  made weekly to-do lists and worked them to completion

8.  took breaks to disconnect from stress and to clear their minds

9.  went out of the office to lunch to create white space in their heads so they came back into the office refreshed for afternoon tasks

10.  conflict resolution:  stayed of of personality conflicts with other females in the office;  kept their mouths shut and took legitimate issues to appropriate person in chain of command, avoided gossip, never engage in conversation with a negative person, always keep things in context and perspective, and stay out of office politics.

In the October 28, 2013 issue of Fortune Magazine this issue is ablaze with titles for “The 50 Most Powerful Women”,  “Sheryl Sandberrg:  The Real Story”, and inside is the list of “Fortune’s Most Powerful Women of 2013”, along with 8 other articles of interest to women who are looking to sit in those distinguished chairs in the top offices in the top paying companies in the world.  The question is how does a woman get there and still maintain her happiness, her values and keep her identity. Each article and “sound bite” if you will on each woman who is at the pentacle of her career  has a unique path which is distinct for each of the women included in this issue.  Anyone can tear apart the history, the education, rise in the industry, the cracks and breaks that “glass ceiling”, the perks, salary compensations they each get or don’t get, and where they are each headed now that they are the head of the table or as Sheryl puts it:  “… at a seat at the table…”

Here’s what no one has yet been able to duplicate; despite the fact that more women graduate from colleges and universities and graduate with advanced degrees they are not advancing in the C-Suite and Broad Room.  What are those qualities that are missing in women candidates?  Here are some which are mentioned in the October Fortune Magazine.

  1. Maturity
  2. An ego in check
  3. Ruthless efficiency with a chaser of grace
  4. Stamina to be in early and continue late into the night
  5. Ability to recognize where new markets are
  6. Embody a company’s values
  7. Experience in career development by working on boards (this can be done at a lower level not at corporate)  This hones your skill and makes a better leader
  8. Step up and take on leadership roles and projects in order to gain experience
  9. Keep pace with technology, trends, tools, negotiating skills, hire a coach and get yourself a mentor.
  10. Find your “Voice”, be informed in your segment of the market, what are the thought leaders in your industry saying, doing, reading, thinking about, read, listen, think, and speak up.

Now it’s your turn to talk back.  Are you happy or are you unhappy?

Next time we are going to discuss the price tag for all of this!



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