Women and Our Needs

As women in business and women at home we each are looking, indeed searching to fill up the longing, the need, the hurt, the words never spoken, the embrace never given, it is like a huge hole which is there inside us.  We did not intentionally put the hole there, yet we feel it.  We look in the mirror and do not see a hole, we indeed feel it there.

You are not alone.  The woman at the stop light, in the car next to you has her own hole.  The woman standing in line to check out of the grocery store has a hole.  The woman in the cubicle next to you, in the elevator, on the treadmill, or sitting next to you in the pediatrician’s office, they all have a hole.  She is you, you are her.  We feel invisible trudging through life just making it from alarm clock to pillow. 

If you could fill the hole, how would you do that? How do you receive love?  What makes your spirit soar? 

Close your eyes and think of a time when you felt full.  It may have been recently or long ago. 

Hold that memory for a moment. 

That feeling is our own special love language.  We each have a language of love.  We may not know how to articulate that feeling and how we receive and yet we each have one.

We receive love and we give love in a certain way.  Each person that you work with has a love language.  Each person that you love, has a love language.

Each woman you meet has a love language and a story of pain.  No ones story is greater or more tragic than any other story.  The story is the story.  We each feel the story, we repeat the story, we even store the story. 

What would happen if you just let go of the story?  

Holding on to the story shows love for you in what way?

What if you could open your hand and just let the story float away, like a balloon?

How would you feel without the story?

Who would you be?

Join us.  Join the other women-in-business, the women-at-home, the women in other walks of life,  who all have holes.  Walk with us and let go of the story.  Take in the love which is right here for you.  We are you.  You are us.  I am you. You are me.  Here is my hand.