Why Do Things Take So Long?

Why do things take longer than we thing they should?  Do you ever stop and ask yourself this question?  I know I do!  This is what I have learned with my 50+ years of asking this question and not always being able to see why this is in fact so.

There are in fact many, many answers to this question.  They are honest and they are true and here a just a few of them:

1.      We are not asking the right question.  Many times we craft our question to support the answer that we want to hear, receive or get.

2.     We are not in the proper mental mindset.  There are times when we are in a state of confusion, disappointment, unmet expectation, negativity, and so on, and this taints our mindset.

3.      The answer may be “NO” and you have rejected the answer.  When we receive a “NO” to a question or situation or problem that we desperately want a “YES” for, we categorically reject the NO and we shut down and do not explore the matter any further.

4.     The answer maybe “WAIT”, and you are unwilling to wait!    We have all had moments of the terrible two temper tantrum, when we want what we want and we want it NOW!  This is the undoing of many of us. 

5.  Your are not ready to handle “YES”.  This one really stings.  It is often the most common answer because we are really not in a place to handle a YES.  This may mean that we are not mature enough.  That means that we have not had enough experience at whatever it is in order to handle the yes.  We may be in the wrong season of life, the wrong environment, the timing is wrong, we may need to learn some other key skill or experience an event first in order to get the yes.

You see we often become down right angry at the long time things may take to come to pass.  What we normally do is to begin to “meddle”, “manipulate”, and eventually we hurt ourselves, our lives, our families, businesses, and we all reap the harvest of the answer.

Just because you “WANT” it doesn’t mean it is good for you or right for you.

Think of it like this:  A parent does not give the family car keys to a 10 year old who is having a melt down and wants to run away from home.

Tomorrow; Worry-Free Decision Making.