Why Am I On The Payroll?

The title of this post is a loaded question.  “Why Am I On The Payroll?”

Do you know the answer to this question in your own professional life?

If you think you were hired to work and put in 40 hours, then you need to go to your managers office and ask the question.  You were not hired to just put in time and then leave.

Let’s explore this question with the answers from some other queries which may lend us a clue.

Are you on the payroll to “work?”

Or are you on the payroll to “accomplish something very specific?”   What is that specific thing?

When is that specific thing due? (In other words what is the time table for completion?)

What are the “Results” that you were hired to deliver in order to be paid?

Can you perform and accomplish the goal of that thing is you don’t know what it (the goal) is?

How possible is it to accomplish the end goal is you do not know what the bigger vision is?

Each of us has an image of who we are in our own eyes. We call this our “Self Esteem”.

Each of us has an image of who we are in the eyes of others. We call this our “Reputation”.

The only one who can build up or tear down these two sides of the same coin is you.  Do you know how you determine this?

You determine this every day by what you do and what you fail to do.  No one else has a hand in it.

Today, as you look back over what you have done at work, can you honestly say:

“I gave my highest and best value to my employer in my professional life.”    If you can answer, “yes” then you have just raised your self esteem and your reputation.

“I did only what I had to do that was right in front of me and I clocked out at 5 sharp.”  If this is your response, then you have just lowered your own self worth, and your reputation with your employer (whether he sees you or not, the negativity in the attitude remains there in the office.)

You can set your own bar for excellence, or if you are unwilling to do so, someone else will set it for you.

Leaders are all self disciplined.  Leaders are self-directed.  Leaders are all people who set deadlines and goals in place and work toward the greater vision.

Leaders go first.  Leaders are on the payroll to accomplish something greater than themselves.

Why are you on the payroll?