Why Am I Doing This?

Why Am I Doing This?  How often do you ask yourself this question in a week?  I know I used to ask it a whole lot of the time.  Even in the midst of doing the “thing”, I would be mentally asking:  “Now, why am I doing this again….?”

Think of a time today when you found yourself in that mental space of asking the question.  Now answer:

I am doing this to:

*Keep my word

*Fulfill a need

*Help Someone

*Because I promised

*Not disappoint someone else

*I made a decision and I never go back on my decisions

* Or something else…….you fill in the answer…..

If you find yourself struggling with these thoughts, you most likely are a “pleaser”.  You show “LOVE” by doing for others.  It is what Women do since the beginning of time.  Women are Pleasers.  We feel we must say YES      or  it might be seen as: we do not love the person or care for the person or something else we have come to believe is true.

Do you know that you can change this path?  The thing you must be sure of is this:  You are the only person who can change.  Do you believe that?  If you do not have the time, interest, ability, or want to do something, only you can change your “Yes” to a “No” or “Later”, “Some other answer”.  Only YOU!

I might even venture to challenge you in that you may want to rethink the way in which you actually make decisions!  I can hear you from here!  “….Are you kidding me,  change the way I make decisions!…”  I bet you don’t even know what that means for you.  I’ll prove it right here.  Take a piece of paper and write down your formula/steps for making a decision.  Just go on and do it right now.

What did you find out?  Do you actually have a step by step process that you run through or do you make decisions by the seat of your pants in the current emotional state that you might be in?    Knowing how you “ideally” want to make decisions can be very freeing in the whole scheme of things.

When you write them down on say something that is fairly common place you might see that in some areas of your life you do have decision making plan, like say when you plan your family’s meals for the week, write out your grocery list and go through the grocery fliers for the specials and coupons in order to use your hard earned funds to their best.  This can transfer over into other areas of your life. 

What you will find is “FREEDOM”.  Write me and let me know what your decision making steps are.  I would love to see how you do your own decision making process.