Whose Posioning Your Well?

Recently, I was driving down the road and I heard a story about "well poisoning".  That got me to thinking about this vessel that we inhabit called our body.  This is our well. 

Our well has more than one entry point at which it can be poisoned.  How many entry points can you name and what you let in them? 

In the tech world there is the ole saying "garbage in – garbage out".  Do you think this is true for your well. 

When we surround ourselves with quality we strive to reach to the  next level and we thus elevate our level of conscience.  If we slack off and let just any thing in we lower ourselves.

Well poisoning is a very slow process and it takes small little pieces of our time and small decisions to eat away at us until our life giving water (the thing that other people are attracted to) is no longer pure and clean.  We become stagnate and are no long attractive.

Keeping a lifestyle, habits, my space friends, music, movies, ipod downloads, TV, places where we go and the people we hang around with all make an impression on each of us.  What are your current habits doing to your well?

You can clean the water in your well also.  It is reversible.  Remove the poison items one at a time.  Refuse to be used and poisoned.  You and your well deserve the very best care that you can give them.  After all we only get one per lifetime.  Use it wisely.

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