Whose On Your “Team”

Here in the US we are obsessed with “teams”.  We have Olympic teams which represent countries in a global event every 4 years.   We have sports teams, professional and amateur.  We have teams in our workplace.  We have teams of people who are trying to accomplish certain things for causes and events or health issues.  We all want to be a part of a “winning team” most of all.  You remember those days on the playground or at the park when there were the captains and then they chose the team?   You held your breath and just prayed you were not the last one chosen.

Let’s fast forward to your life today; who is on your personal life team?   Over the past 2 decades I have read and observed and been a part of these teams and it is amazing how a team dedicated to your personal success can carry the day for you when you are in a hard low place.  Many of us look to our families, partners or spouse to lift us up and support us no matter what we are doing and those folks are all great members of your team.  You need others too.   Who for instance you might ask?

One logical choice is a person who is several years ahead of you on the same road who is doing well.  This is a person who you would want on your team.  What about a mentor?   This is a person who has already made it in the same area or field you are in and you want to emulate his/her steps to achieve the same thing.  What about peers who are not in your field but are on that same path to success in their own chosen fields who are looking for a group of like minded persons with whom to bounce ideas off of and to share experiences and to gain input and solutions to challenges?  These ideally form a mastermind group and this is a very dynamic group of individual who pour into each other’s lives in very unique ways.

Think about who you want on your team right now.  How would you go about approaching these men and women?  What will be the guidelines for your interaction or mastermind group?  How often will you meet?  Where will you meet?  What will you do in your meetings?  What outcomes do each of the members want to have?  How big will your group be?  Yes,….there are lots of things to think about, that’s true; but the support and information and lifting up you and the other members will receive is far greater than these simple logistical issue pose right now.

You may want to do an Internet search or read a book about these teams, masterminds and related topics to become informed before you begin.

First you need to know what you need from your team and what your skills and strengths are so you can add value to the team.

Don’t wait!   Start today.  Surround yourself with people who are rising stars and going places.