Who Is Your Role Model?

Here is a very straight forward question for you:  “Who is your role model, today?”  Who are you more or less following in terms of “fashion”?  What about who you are following in terms of your “professional life”?  Who are you following in the area of your “private life”?  Who is your role model in your “physical health”?  Who is your “parenting” role model?

There are about roughly 10 areas (more or less) in our lives that we live out of everyday.  For each of those 10 areas we pattern ourselves after someone.  In other words a “role model”.  You may have not given this much thought but you are following someone to one extent or another.  If you devour every word in a magazine to see what is going on in the fashion world then perhaps that magazine is the role model of your fashion sense.  If you hold to a particular faith, perhaps it is your local priest, rabbi or minister as the role model for your spiritual growth.  If you are a parent, perhaps you hold your own parents in high esteem which means they are your “parenting role models”.  Do you see a pattern here?

So now, I want to ask you, are you blindly following the chosen one or do you actually know what that role model believes and are you in alignment with those beliefs.  There is an important mark of differentiation here and this is it:  What you hear them saying, doing and behaving may be only what you see in the “public arena” of their lives; what they do in private is another thing.  So it is important for you to  know what they believe.  Why they believe what they believe.  What you believe and why you believe as you do. 

Once you get these things straight then you can better evaluate your role models in all the areas of your life.