Who Is Feeding Your Inner Being?

Whether you are a working mom, a single parent, a stay at home entrepreneur, a single adult or any other occupation each and everyone of us has to be feed in our inner most being.  What does that look like and sound like to you?

I know I have from time to time felt a deep emptiness inside me.  Not so that I can put my finger there and say:  “….it’s right there…..I just feel so empty…so drained….”  Have you ever felt that way?  This is what I call the “hole” which is virtually inside many, many women that I know.  We are prime candidates for this because we are such “self scarifiers” and nurturers.  It is the fuel which runs the female.  When we take it to far we become “people pleaser”.  Somehow we tip over into the unhealthy area by giving away too much, too often and we do not get enough deposits back into our own lives.  You know we actually are teaching those around us to treat us that way.

So that’s what I am going to do this weekend.  I am refueling.  For several years now, my sisters and myself take a long weekend and we either go someplace speacial or we go to one anothers home and just have a big “Sister’s Weekend”.  When we began to marry and have children we grew apart quicklly.  Even a birthday card was hard to manage and get there on the special day.  So, now we have a great big birthday celebration on Saturday with presents, and party favors, lots of cake and ice cream and even party hats (we are divas so we wear “tiaras”!).  We stay up late, we watch “chick flicks”, we play our favorite board games, do puzzles, talk, cry, show photos of the children, shop, have lots of fun, but most of all we just  rebond and refuel.

When we all scatter to our respective state (all 4 of them), we take copies of all the photos we have taken and new scrapbook pages to make, memories, presents and the most important thing home with us and that is A HUGE DEPOSIT OF SISTERLY LOVE!