Who Am I?

How many times do each of us stop dead in our tracks and ask this all to familiar question:  “Who Am I?”

Have you ever looked into the mirror late at night after a particular rough day and said:  “WHO IS THAT!?”  Not even recognizing your own image staring back at you.

I know I sure have so what causes us to take “pause” and as this perplexing question of “Who Am I?”

It is my experience that we ask the question when we become unglued, out of balance, stretched to far or pushed to our breaking limits in too many areas in our lives all at the same time.  After all, have you ever know a “Problem” or  a “Challenge” to just appear in your calendar on a day when you have the time to take of it in a calm rational manner with plenty of time to think about all the “ifs” ‘, ands” and “buts”…of course not.

So when you are in a non-frazzled mode and the day has played out pretty calmly, and you ask yourself:  “Who am I?”  really?  Deep inside who am I at my deepest core being?

I know that for myself, I have asked this question many, many times at certain ages, transitions, milestones, and seasons in my live.  What I have noticed is that I am “evolving” into a complete whole “woman”.  I did not start out this way.  No.  Not by a long shot.  When I walked into my college dorm room I was a certain young woman.  When I walked down the isle to take my husband’s hand, I was another woman, when I took my first child into my arms I was another more mature woman.  When I held my second child, I was complete as a mother.  With every move from state to state, with every new job, with every new elementary school, middle school and high school, I grew and matured as a woman in many deepening ways.  As I watched our children walk across the stage and graduate from High School, then from College and then from Graduate School, I felt a feeling of completion and launching and pride that I would never have recognized in my twenties.

When I looked in the mirror after we had settled our youngest in another state after her college graduation and had helped her to move away, I did look in the mirror and ask:  Who Are You?  What is it that you do now?  Who Do You Want To Be?  After all that chapter of “motherhood” and the day to day mothering you did for the past 28 years is now at an end for the most part.  So what now?

It has been two years since I asked that question.  I know that I am still modeling that answer in a unique and special way.  I do know a couple of very key components about Who I AM….

I am a woman who feels complete.

I am a woman who feels deeply loved.

I am a woman who feels deeply about helping other women feel complete and fulfilled.

I am a mentor.

I am an inspirational motivator of other women.

I know, I know how to “unlock” the hearts and minds of women in order to give them permission to “think and explore who they are and who they want to be”.

I know, that I love to create capable greatness in young women and women of all ages.

I know that I am a keen observer of life and that I have a special gift of intuition that serves me very well.

I know that I love to encourage other people.

This list could go on for pages, but you get the idea.

Who are you?

Look in the mirror tonight and let me know!



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