Where’s My Hard Hat?

Yesterday, I was out running errands and I heard this little tid bit on my radio:  “Life is about process.  We are all under construction, so put on your hard hat!”  Don’t you just love that.  I had to laugh because I remember back in the 90’s when little children had these t-shirts which read:  “…be patient with me, God isn’t finished with me yet….”  !   What a hoot!

Isn’t this exactly what we know about each side of our own selves?   There is a part of us which says:   “…back off….God isn’t finished with me yet….” and then there’s that other side that says:   “…I am still in process….back off…”.  In either case we need to realize that we are all “in process”. 

Have you ever been a member of a group and they asked you how the organization might improve over the next year in order to be of better value to its members?  Yes, we have all been asked these questions.  Well, recently I went way out on a limb and told my group straight up that the reason I thought we were not moving ahead and gaining group was our inability to put on “our hard hats”.

Here’s what I meant.  We are all so busy trying to be “politically correct” and not to “hurt anyone”, or “exclude anyone” that we spend hours dancing around “feelings”.  For a while I just stopped going to meetings altogether, because nothing ever got accomplished.

We are all adults here and we need to put on our hard hats, push up our sleeves and start doing some heavy lifting.  If we are truly “in process” then someone better start working on it. 

We are all responsible for the lives and futures of all of us.

I would love to hear about your “hard hat” story.