Where Is Your HOPE?

All of us no matter where we are in the process of living our lives are “looking for something”.  We are “searching” for something.  I call that your “IT”.  So what are you searching for?

For many it will be a job, and for others it will be security, or more money, or food, clothing, a roof over my head, to provide for my family and so on.  These are all things that we all indeed need in order to survive in life.  Let’s take this one step further shall we?

Where is you focus in your life?  Is it around the business of life or is in something else? 

What about your purpose in your life?  What is it exactly?  Are you just cynically trying to make it from one day to the next?  What kind of life is that?  What else is there?

Where is you “hope” for the future?  Is it in a job?  Is it in more money?  Is it with a person?

All of these questions have an answer that may surprise you.  The answer is in a relationship.  When we are void of relationships we have nothing.  Relationships are at the rock bed of our foundation.  Relationships are our springboard to the next thing.  When we tell or relate to another person we immediately share the burden, double the joy and we become closer and more intimate with the other person.

Let’s face it, we all have problems.  Some of them are big and ugly and others are small and nagging problems.  We also all have a story, so none of us is so unique that we stand out.  For every story that makes the news there are probably thousands that are 10 times better which are never told. 

What is your “IT”?  Where are you trying to find it?

I want to hear your story, today!