When We Are In Lock-down

I know that the word “lock-down” conjures up all sorts of unpleasantness for each one of us.  I chose the word on purpose for that reason.  If you are full of self doubt about your own self worth, then you are for all purposes in “Self Lock-down”.  By your own choosing and by your own hand, and thoughts you have chosen to be in this place.   Nothing has changed about who you are at your core. Nothing has changed about what you have to offer another person, a relationship, a career, a home, a community, or any other part of your life.  The only thing that has changed is your view of yourself.

If you were a child who was fawned over, praised, clapped for, and told how great everything you did was you have a certain mindset about yourself.

If you were a child who suffered at the hands of those who should have loved and cared for you, you have another mindset about who you are.

If you were a child who had to earn that praise and work hard for every recognition, then you have even another type of mindset.

There are many other scenarios that we could insert here.  My point is that we all start with a core set of “what we are worth” deposits in our inner heart bank.

So what’s your minimum balance in there today?

How can you get some deposits in that overdrawn account?