When Life Is Interrupted

According the all of the various news media outlets and social media, one billion people interrupted their lives today to watch, listen or view on the Internet  a wedding.  They voluntarily decided to interrupt their own busy lives to follow through on something.

Let’s say that as fate would have it you were in one of the many states where your home was flooded or your home was in the path of one of those killer tornadoes and your life was interrupted;  what would you do?

Perhaps you were busy today listening to music on your car radio and thinking about what your appointments were on your way to work and someone from your right, runs a red light and your day is now totally interrupted, what do you do?

Everyday our lives are interrupted with happy events, sad events, unexpected events.  How we react to them is key.

What are the lessons in the three scenario’s described above?

Perhaps, you are suppose to pay attention to something that you have been pushing aside.

Perhaps, you need to overlay a personal application to something to be learned based on what interrupted you life today.

In reality these events are all “normal”.  Life begins, life is interrupted, marriages happen, sickness and death all visit each and everyone of us at sometime while we are busy leading our lives.  What you do once the interruption happens is the key, planned or not planned.

What interrupted your life today?

Did you lay there and feel sorry for yourself?

Or, did you get up and look at the lesson to be learned?

You know sometimes, we can just stop and evaluate what has happened and decide to let go of the interruption.

What interrupted your busy life today?



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