When Life Happens

I am sure some of you wondered;  “huh….what has happened to Janice?”  Well, I can tell you, L – I- F- E!

As I have intimated many times before my husband and I are very successful because we have always had a plan and worked the plan.  When our lives have hit a pot hole or we have had some type of challenge not of our own making we have come full stop and then re-evaluated our plan and revised and tweaked it and then moved right on.

I am a firm believer that God has a plan and no matter what we try to do to go in another direction, He keeps us on the lit path He has for us if we seek Him.

Summertime is a very, very busy entertaining time for our home.  I have come to the conclusion that I should just close shop from Memorial Day until Mid-August.  That is the time frame when our lives are very busy and complicated with logistics of guests and events.

Our family has several standing summer events that take place every year and have been on the calendar for a decade and always before we have tried to just work and fit everybody in.  No More.

Many of our family members travel from abroad and the trip is arduous at best for a young person but for those 50+, 70+ and 80+ it is draining.  Any added delay due to strikes (which are common in Europe) make the trip even worse.

This year that very scenario happened.  A travel delay and while in the air we got word that my 95 year old father in law’s femur snapped while he was shuffling around his home.

Our guests arrived hours late and then a long drive home and then we had to tell them this news which sent every one into a tail spin.

What a logistical mess!

How did we handle this crisis so many thousands of miles away?

Next time…..calm heads….late nights and freedom to fly.