When examination isn’t enough!

Last time we talked about “filling a need” over and over again and getting no satisfaction with our current solution.

It is my experience that “simply recognizing” there is a need isn’t enough to solve or even get on the road to solving and redirecting me to new behaviors and decisions.

What about you?

Like many of us, you may watch something on TV and sit there and take mental notes and nod and nod in agreement and when the show is over, it’s all G-O-N-E.  To what end?

Will power is not enough either.

We must go deep into our fundamental core and explore two fundamental question about how we view our lives.

Questions 1 is:

What do I believe?

Question 2 is:

Why do I believe that?

Neither of these questions is at all religious based although that is where 99.9% of audiences go mentally when I ask the question at seminars.

These are rather questions about what you believe about yourself or a particular idea or area in your life; AND that belief was introduced to you by someone or something that had a powerful influence over you at the exact moment you were most impressionable.

So let’s that this a step further:  What do you believe about your finances or  your money?

a)     I believe that there will never be enough and the rich get richer.

b)    I believe that I want to be financial responsible and live with what I make and not go into debt

c)     I believe that money is a tool and I use it well.

Each one of these answers come from a belief about money and you.

Regardless of which statement you choose, you learned that attitude and belief about money from someone.

Who was that?

Does having this belief stills serve you, uplift you and give you hope for your future and your family?

It is time to examine every belief that you hold in every area of your life.

When I coach individuals, we often discover that they are holding onto a belief that was appropriate for someone at the age of 12, but not longer is true for an adult of 32, 42 or 52.  Upon examination, a new belief is put in place which empowers, uplifts and enables the client to feel a new sense of self worth and the ability to move forward.