What’s Going On At Home?

It never fails to amaze me how living ones everyday life is important to those who have grown up and left home.  Yesterday, one of our grown children called home just to check in and to ask how were the pets and what is going on at “home”.   That all important word “HOME” is  the heart of any family.

Here on the northeast, about 45 miles from the Atlantic, the weather is rapidly changing.  We have a normal routine much like mother nature does and that is what I conveyed to this grown up child whom I presume was missing the events of “autumn” and the change of season, which is in stark contrast to sunny and warm California.

Our conversation went like this:

“….how are my pets?…….Well, they both are ready to come into their beds as soon as it gets dark.  They are 12 and 17 now and they both get achy and they are slowing down…We put out their heating pads in their outside beds and their inside beds.  I started adding warm water to their food so it is warm in their tummies….Awww!”

“How are things around the house?…….Today we were surrounded by subcontractors.  Spring bulbs were planted, some new flower beds were dug up and planted with fall mums.   The “tree guys” were here cutting down this years crop of dead and fallen trees so they don’t break off in the winter ice and wind storms.  I am always so sad when we have a dead tree which is several hundred years old.    The pool is covered and winterized, so are the fountains and the Koi have gone deep and are is hibernation now.  The trees are ablaze in yellow and orange and red.  I just love this time of year…..”

There was lots of silence on the other end of the phone as I told the story of just everyday life which the now grown child was a part of.  It is almost as if they were living it all over again through my telling.  The silence was the “soaking up” of the “experience” of living.

“And….oh yeah…..we are expecting SNOW by Halloween this year!”

Just a glimpse into a normal day here at home.

“…We took a long walk in the woods with the leaves crunching under of feet and the dog ran here and there discovering lots of new smells.  The moon comes up very early and is almost full again and Jupiter is just down to the left where it always is shining brightly.  Yesterday morning I was awakened very early at 4:30 am and had a strong pull to go out on the terrace and look up and there God provided a spectacular shooting star for me as a gift first thing this morning.”

“Thanks, Mom”

“We Love You!”

“I Love You too!”