What will 2018 mean to you?

Okay, let’s face it, you’re stuffed with holiday food, comatose from all the partying and relatives, the decorations whatever they may be are shoved in storage and your first full workday of this new year is looming.  Regardless if your team won or lost, you got the gift you wanted, the love you’ve always dreamed of, or that end of the year bonus, you still have to face your calendar, your customers, your boss, your direct reports, your deadlines, and obligations.  So what does all of this feel like in terms of what you are made up of?  Are you tracking with me here?  Maybe not, so let’s talk about that for a minute.

“What you are made up of” refers to you foundational character.  This means how you handle relationships, accountability, paying your bills, staying on budget, being accountable for what you have committed to, and a bevy of other things which may be escaping your current state of mind at the moment.   

It is about WHO, WHAT, WHEN, HOW, WHERE….

WHO – taught you or helped model your foundation?

WHAT – were you taught or modeled in terms of your foundation?

WHEN- how old were you when you began this journey of foundation formation?

HOW – were you taught; such as scolding, shaming, positive reinforcement, handed off to another adult, how?

WHERE – were you taught at home, in school,  via social media, where?

One of the things each of us who is on the ladder to success in whatever form that takes for you in your professional life,  we each want “no limits” to our ability to climb as high as we can on that success ladder.  Do you know what each rung on the ladder is and what it represents, and what sacrifice is needed from you, your family, and others to get from one rung to the next?   Some may; others will have no idea.  This climb is just like the one that those individuals experience who “win a lottery” of buckets of money.  It is a lack of “Capacity.” 

Capacity – is your ability to handle what is thrown at you from the next rung to that bucket of cash suddenly in your possession.  As with anything we each have our limits which are determined by many factors one of which is your foundation.    What might be “limiting” you this year?   Give that question some time to sink in, and there may be many factors.  Here is a formula for calculating your capacity:


Awareness simply means knowing yourself.  Ability refers to your skillset to do certain things.  Choices are all about how you decide to decide.  I bet you never thought of it that way before?

In this NEW YEAR of 2018, we will explore how to live in a state of having “NO LIMITS” in our lives.   For each of us we need to learn how to grow our awareness of self, to develop our abilities by growing in the areas we need to succeed and in our ability to make the right decisions for the right moment  in time which will all expand our capacity to live, to work, and to climb to the next rung of the ladder. 



Next Month we will talk about “What Is Limiting You.”

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