What vs How We Think

Okay today, let’s talk about two concepts: 

What I Think  vs  How I Think

What is the difference in these two concepts?

“What I Think”: Let’s face it, we all love to hear ourselves talk and for some reason we now believe that we are all experts in very subject in our lives.   Is that actually true?   NO!   How can you tell?   Well, one of the ways I tell this when I am coaching a client is their use of the word “BUT”.  When someone uses the word:  but, it means they negate everything that came before it.  They totally reject what you are saying in light of their own “opinion” of their thinking.  In other words they are thinking at all, they are talking for the sake of talking because there is no one listening to them in some other area of their lives.   I believe this is true due to our technology.  I call it:  “Technoisolation” (which is my own copyrighted word).  Most of us think that our own experiences are unique and that no one else has these same experiences.  Well, that is partially true, but it is also not true all of the time.

“How I Think”: What about this concept?   Can you tell me how you solve a problem/challenge in your life?   I mean really write down step by step how you go about processing information and come to a conclusion which is congruent with our inside and outside and then what you do to act on that process?  I also know from coaching clients for a decade that 99% of the clients have no idea what their own process is for is question.  In our instantaneous world speed trumps logic and we wish we could have more time to process or get that text back but alas it is long gone.  The damage is done and we are left to pick up the pieces.  It is my experience that people just sweep it out of their minds and never think to be held accountable to the damage they just dumped on another person.

So today, I challenge you to stop and think before you act or let your fingers do the damaging typing.

What is your process for thinking?