What Race Are You Running?

Each morning we roll out of bed and put on our running shoes and begin the day’s race.

Truth be known, many of us never take our shoes off.  We sleep in them, just in case there is a race to run during the night.

I am reminded of a time many years ago when one of our daughter’s was an EMT and although she was very capable and had the skill set, she did not have a driver’s license and every time the  alarm went off up in her room, I would jump into action.  The car was always parked at the door, when she was on call and my purse and shoes were at the door ready to sprint into action to get her to the squads ambulance.  I felt like I was always on call and in fire fighting mode just as she was.  As Mom’s we are often in this mode too with children.  You never know when one your children is going to wake up in the middle of the night with a fever, tummy ache, or you get the call from school that your child has been injured on the play ground or has broken out in red bumps.

Some days you may going into work with a big decision weighing heavily on your mind and you have your shoes laced up tight.  Other days it is a casual stroll of the routine and your shoes are loosely laced.

Life is a like a race.  There is a beginning, a middle and an end.   One often thinks about the tortoise and the hare children’s story and it isn’t about how you start the race but what happens in between that counts.  Running a race must be timed, paced, you must take time to hydrate yourself and to rest if you need to.  It is also very beneficial if you have people on the side lines cheering you on to stay strong and keep running.  A coach is a really good thing to have there giving you signals and words of refinement in your race form.  If you have a trainer, that is a beneficial person who can tell you how your body is behaving and to lengthen or shorten your pace.  The member of your team with the stopwatch is also invaluable to let you know what your time was for that last quarter mile.

Who are those on your team that do all of these jobs for you to keep you in peak performance and in top running condition?  Each one plays a vital role.  I dare say that you also are one of these people in the lives of those you love and care for in your own family.

What race are you running?   The race of FAME?  The race of FORTUNE?  The race of SUCCESS?  The race of BEST DRESSED?  The race of MOST POPULAR?  What race are your running?

If you are a Mom, perhaps the race is:  launching successful children.  If you are a small business owner; the race may be customers and sales going up.  If you are a college student, the race may be graduation.  If you are unemployed the race may be getting a job.

What race are you running.