What is Success?

What is Success?  There are over 7.08 billion definitions for this word.  It is not just what you might read on the Internet or in a dictionary.  It is the personal definition for each of the people who inhabit this earth.  Yes, there are some adjectives which will be similar but, the feeling that accompanies that success will be unique.

Each of us comes from the womb with lots of on board specialties, talents, intellect and gifts.  The way we each use these specialties and the way in which we present them to the world has a lot to do with what success will look like in our own eyes.

If you are thinking:  “I’m not a success”; then I invite you to think back over the past 10 years..too long?  Okay what about this last year then?  Think back and revisit all the ways you have used your unique abilities, gifts, intellect and talent.  Make a list on a piece of paper.  You know, many of us do wonderful things everyday that we see as simple, who we are and in the eyes of others they are Herculean feats!  To us they are just routine.

What have you been using your unique gifts for?

What did you do with all the opportunities presented to you?

When you were asked:  ” …would you…X  Y  Z…?”   Did you say “NO” and deprive the world of your talent?  If you are asked to do something, it is probably because those who are in need of a certain talent, saw that talent in you, even if you did not see it.

Let’s look at this another way.   I will begin by asking:  “Whose counsel are you walking in?”  You know who is your mentor, role model, person you have learned from and perhaps modeled your life after?  We see these individuals as “successful” so we want to emulate them.  So who is that for you?

Who are you following?

Who are you reading?

Who are you listening to?

A lofty degree and years of experience is no guarantee that the person you are following is of good character at their core.  This applies to every area of your life.  Ask yourself these questions and give a name.

Who am I learning from in my finances?

Who am I listening to in the area of parenting?

Who am I learning from in my relationships?

Who am I reading in the area of my personal safety?

Who am I taking a class from in my spiritual life?

Who am I watching in my professional life?

Who am I going to a conference on about my health, wellness and aging?

Who am I accepting guidance from in the area of my home?

Whose organization am I working with in my giving back side of life?

What has been the outcome of your answers in terms of your success in each of these areas of your life?

If you are less than satisfied; I encourage you to get a new set of people to follow.

How else can you look at this?