What Is Driving You?

Each of us has a motivation. You know the thing that you wake up to do everyday of your life.  What is driving you today?

Perhaps it is a J-O-B, or maybe it is a paycheck, is it power, immorality, constant pleasure, immediate gratification, rebellion, materialism, the next hot trend, excitement, the newest electronic wireless thing, a hot philosophy, the newest book with the answers you seek, or gossip, you need to know what is going on with everyone.    All of these things are a distraction from the things in our lives which cause us pain, and disappointment.

What would happen if you did not try to “escape” but turn around and mentally punched the idea of what is bothering you square on?

It’s like looking in the mirror and challenging the person starring back at you.

Ask yourself these questions based on what resonated with you in the second paragraph above.

If I do not like my J-O-B, what would I really rather be doing or enjoying in order to  live the way I want to?

I know I have to have a paycheck to live, how would I like to earn that paycheck?

Where in my life am I feeling the least powerful?

What is missing in my being that I fill with unclean images and actions?

What is it that I am trying to run away from that I now fill with constant pleasure, and immediate gratification ?

What am I rebelling against?   Is it something that I am thinking I must do?   Is that really true?

What will having another thing that I purchase do to fill the need I do not want to look at?

How do I not see myself as trendy or hot or popular in some aspect of my life?

How does having the next thing make me inclusive into a group that I want to be part of?

How have past books and philosophies filled the need in me which I can’t seek to put my finger on?

What is it about talking about someone behind their back about their flaws and troubles that distracts me from my own flaws and troubles?

None of these actually lifts up and moves one of us forward.

Take a new perspective and look in the mirror and it’s just you starring  back at you so it’s very private.  Ask yourself these questions and give a truthful answer.  If what is driving you isn’t getting you anywhere but miserable, it’s time for a new driver with a new attitude.




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