What Happens When Everything is Right?

What happens when everything comes together in that one perfect moment in time and “magic” happens?  Can you reach back and pull up one of this perfect moments?

I had this happen to me recently and on my daily “accountability” call I expressed this as on of the items to praise myself for. Now, I know that this sentence you just read is new for you and perhaps I will explain it on another day; however, what I am talking about is that “moment” when everything comes together.

You see it doesn’t matter when it happens or that specific segment of your life (professional life or your personal life), the fact that everything came together in a perfect moment actually “Rockets” you forward and upward.

That one moment of “positive” explosion sends your chemicals in your brain and your body to a whole new level of uplifting gratitude and excitement.

Let me tell you what this looked like, what it felt like and what happened afterward and is still happening some 12 hours later.

I am taking a class on the use of “social media” in the business marketplace.  I have been on 7 calls over the course of this month.  They were great, I learned some things I did not know and I was also surprised that I personally thought I was a novice at this form of business.  What I found was that I did know more than the average participant in the class.

So, last night was advanced techniques on one of the social media sites.  This class was in three different formats.  One was the tried and true “teleclass”, one was an on-line link to the “teleclass” and the third was a real time “webinar” which isn’t really that new, but the way it was being used was new.

The teacher was using the webinar to show in real time what was on his handout and then doing it right in front of us.  So I have two windows open, one for my own site on the social media site and his webinar showing me exactly what to do on the same site using his profile. 

My learning was exponentially higher and of greater benefit and value.  I began to find myself really excited that I could follow and do my own thing right along with him.  My confidence level skyrocketed as we went on through the 90 minute class. 

As the class wrapped up I was so excited and happy and knowledgeable and “Equipped” to do today what I learned!

This morning when I woke up I still felt pumped up that I had knowledge, skills, and other things that I can use to propel my own business forward.

I am still at a high Anabolic state of positiveness!

Now when was the last time you felt like that?