What Do You Value?

What do you value?

In celebration of your God given right to choose I suggest you VOTE!

Vote with your feet, and go to your local polling place.  This is very different feeling and experience than checking off a ballot and putting it in the mail.  As you walk or drive to your place of voting, think about the next 4 years and what you value for your life, your family, your neighborhood, your town, your state, your nation.  This is your nation and each person’s mindset creates a wave of energy across this country.

Ask yourself this:  what do I value most in my life?

That answer will determine where all your time, your money and your energy go to each and every day.  We are all needed to make this nation work.  We all need the owners of each of the businesses we frequent and the products, goods and services they provide for us.  We each need those owners to be solvent, competent, of good cheer, happy at home and in the work place for this great nation to work.  We are not all cut out to own and run small businesses.  We need the big corporations to do the heavy lifting that others cannot do.  We need those corporations to be run by people who have a head for business and understand the risks and who can make the really tough decisions that others of us do not have the head for the knowledge or experience to make.  We need our churches, our schools, or volunteer agencies to all be staffed by those who are passionate about the things they have a unique ability to add value to in our society.  We must volunteer and support these places which hold us in their hearts and will work tirelessly to be there for each of us and our families.  We need our local, state and national government to keep our infrastructure running and humming and growing.  We don’t need a self serving, power hungry group who have their own agenda at the top of their to do list.  If you have a head and a passion for public service, get out there and add fresh perspective from your corner of the world.  We need our doctors, nurses, firemen, policemen, garbage collectors, people to mow the lawn, deliver other goods and services, keep our pets healthy, dry clean our clothes, repair our computers, each and every one of us is a vital piece in a bigger picture…..Our Nation.

What do you value?

I value relationships.

What relationships do you have right now?

I value the relationships I have with my spouse, my daughters , my son-in-laws, my immediate and extended family, my neighbors, my colleagues, my peers, my clients, my community, my check person at the grocery store, the man that mows my lawn, the guy who makes sure the chemicals in my pool are right, the guys who pick up my trash, my mailman, the many current and past clients I have helped, my enormous array of friends that have passed through my life, the women who have touched my life in the groups I have been a part of, and on and on this list can go.

What do you value?

Go next door and see if your neighbor needs a ride to vote, or for you to watch their children while they go and vote.  Help out in whatever way you can.  We are our brothers keeper and without him to have your back, next time you turn around when you are in need there will be no one there for you.

What do you value?