What Do You Possess?

Here is today’s thought provoking thought:

“You cannot impart what you do not possess.”

Do you know what this quote means?

If you are trying to impress someone on your knowledge about something, what do you normally do?

Do you dive in and start to expound on a topic that you have no first hand knowledge about?

Perhaps you dive in and just give those who will listen your own opinion about the topic.

Or maybe you regurgitate what you have heard on the nightly rag magazine.

Are you adding one ounce of value to the conversation, or  the life of your captive audience?


“You cannot impart what you do not possess.”

If sounding knowledgeable is important to you, do your homework before you launch in a conversation.

Everyone has an opinion and not every one’s opinion will impact you and your world.

Everyone has a story.  We heard their story a million times and these events that we attend get really old.

What about tweeting and texting every single thing you are doing every minute of the day?

Is what you are imparting really important?

Is that tweet going to uplift and move another person forward and empower them?

Does everyone in your circle really want to know what you are doing every minute of the day?

Constant interruption from all those bells and whistles and alerts, fragment our thinking.

Think about all the messages, you received today.  Do any of them really make a difference in your life?

Who would you be with all those tweets and texts to your group?

We impart what we possess.

What are you imparting?