What Are You Willing To Do To Get IT?

Each and everyone of us regardless of our place in society, our financial status, our marital status, religious preference, and so on have an internal need to obtain something.  I call this need “IT”.  “IT” is not the same for every person.  Just like no two of us are alike no two “ITs” are alike.  Yes, there are generalities such as:  financial security, fame, success, loving relationships and the list is very, very long. So the question becomes:  What are you willing to do to get “IT”?

What I have experienced in my own business of coaching people to their own “IT” is that “IT” is elusive when it comes to quantifying what “IT” is.  “IT” is more than just success,  “IT” is more than just having a happy home, “IT” is more than just having financial freedom.  When we come right down to it, what we are looking for is a “Life experience” which is so positive and nurturing that we want to live, breath, eat, love, and work in “IT”.  Think about that.

We want to really have the “IT” embodied into our very being and dwell inside of the “IT”.

“IT” is born out of a deep need inside of us.  We sometimes spend our whole lives looking for “IT”.  What I know for sure is that very few of us want to actually do what it takes to get to this utopia.  Getting to “IT” takes, vision, planning and very hard work with a strong dose of determination and a solid foundation of  knowing what we believe in and why we believe it.  This process crosses all parts of our lives.  It is a truism.  It is the same for our professional lives as Women-In-Business, it applies to our  private lives, it applies to all of our relationships, our finances, our families, our towns, cities, and states.  The sad part is that we seem to just stumble our way through with no thought of how to really get our thoughts and actions in sync to move toward our own illusive “IT”.