What Are You Defined by?

What are you defined by?

Are you defined by your voice, or perhaps your sense of clothing style?

Women are defined by many things such as:

*a scent that we may wear – when we smell it in passing our thoughts may immediately go to the person we know wears it all the time.

*the shoes that we wear – how many of us have seen a woman and commented on her “great pair  of shoes”!

*the hand bag she is carrying – there was once a bag a saw in a movie and I want4ed that bag and could never locate it.  Every time I watch that movie I can’t wait to see that great bag!

*a great flowing, shining head of hair that stays in place!

*a shade of nail polish or lipstick at just pops!

*our tempers

*our smile

*our laugh

*our patience

*our emotional roller coaster feelings

I know you can add probably 10 more easily.

What defines you?

Do these things lift you up or tear you down?

If you are at peace with those things that define you – GREAT!

If you are in constant turmoil with yourself, and those with whom you are in relationship with, then it is time for some inward reflection and revamping.

I have a new book coming out soon which talks all about this and much more in the growth of who we are as women.

I’d like to know where you want to take a look and reflect.

My new book is entitled:  EVE:  Reclaiming Your Power As A Woman

EVE is a powerful metaphor for all things female.

What are you defined by?