WELLNESS/HEALTH/AGING: What do you believe?

It used to be that when January 1st came along so did the barrage of advertisements and TV specials and books about weight loss and getting healthy invaded our visual and auditory space.  We also received lots statistics about how long it takes to break a habit and keep a new one.   The grocery shelves were lined with new products claiming to the “magic food” to lose weight, get healthy etc.  In case you have been living under a rock, none of this is working.  If it were working then we’d be the fittest nation in the world instead of being the unhealthiest and the most obese.

So we are back to these questions again to create the inner work that we all need in order to come to terms with our lives in this moment, right here today.

What is it that you actually believe about your own Wellness, your own Health, your own Aging process?

Why do you believe what you do about these three key essentials to living?

Where did you get this belief?

Does this belief still serve you today in this moment in your life?

Here’s what I know from my private life and my professional life:    We look in the mirror and are disgusted with what we see reflected back at us and in that same moment we are powerless to act, because we have a deeper issue which is at work.   That deeper issue is our own sense of self worth.   I feel the push back you are sending through the computer right now and that is okay.   I know because I do it every day.   None of us is immune to this.

We have become bombarded with too much information which is skewed in order to; make a profit, sell a product, a point of view,  anothers opinion, to set an agenda, to be politically correct, to get higher ratings, to raise awareness, to create buzz and an million other reasons that we do not have room to list here.  We are told one thing this year and some scientific study will refute those findings next year.   We are looking outside ourselves for the “quick fix”.

The truth is we didn’t get to this state over night.  It was small moves, and sometimes big late night binges fueled by a roller coaster of emotional turmoil inside of us.  We’ve all been there.  We are where we are one fork and spoonful at a time.  We are always looking for a quick fix to what ails us.

I believe that the “CONVENIENCE” that seems to be the goal of our society and nation is killing us.  We want it quick.  We want it now.  We want more of it.  We want our “perceived” monies worth.  We want it the way we want it and by golly we deserve it because we are all short on time, money and ……… this reasons could fill the Mississippi river.

Listen to what I am saying.  Our hunger for more and now has been realized in the instantaneous and we are literally killing ourselves and willingly going down the path with a smile on our face to the slaughter.

Tough, you bet!

What will cause you to set aside that which no longer serves your life, your health, your emotions, and your relationships?

What do you believe about your own Health/Wellness & Aging?





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