Wall or Windmill of Change

We are still in very complex times full of “change”.

How are you navigating this turbulent time of “change”?

There are only two ways to handle “CHANGE”:

One is to build a wall around that which you are trying to protect.  Not unlike this great wall seen here.

Long ago this wall was erected to keep out invaders.

What does your wall look like?   Are you peering out of your battlements at the

world around you?  Are you really safe, locked up behind the wall?

Do you remember that movie and book called”  The Secret Garden”?

You are there inside that secret garden seemingly asleep.  Open the door and

step out into the winds of change and become……..

A “WINDMILL” of power harnessing those winds of change to produce more of yourself and to strengthen what you already have inside of you!

You are more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Put those winds of change to good use!

You are a role model to all those that interact with you every day.

Be the Windmill!