Waiting for an Answer and Your Focus

Hey, are you waiting for some answer right now to a problem, dilemma, or other issue in your life?  Where is your Focus?

Did you know whatever has your FOCUS has YOU!

What has your focus in your life right now?  That my friend is what will drive you right now!

When you woke up this morning what were you fixated on?  That fixation will set the tone for your forward movement for this entire day.

When you went to bed last night, what were you worried about?  No wonder you couldn’t fall asleep right away and get the rest you needed.

What are you fearful of right now?  Your fear in this moment will derail you every single time.

Here’s what I know:

If you feel…worried, a heaviness, foreboding, an uneasiness in your core, troubled, surrounded by darkness and shaky with a strong dose of anxiety…..

You are totally FOCUSED in the wrong direction!

If you feel…..inner peace, eagerness to move in another direction, contentment, joy, lightness, and surrounded by light….

You are FOCUSED in the right direction of things which are hopeful!

Waiting is not hard if your focus is directed on the right things while you are waiting for something.

Is there something that you need to change?

Is there something that you need to stop?

Is there someone you need to forgive?

Is there someplace or to someone you need to make amends?

Is there something you need to confess to someone?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions and you do not act on that item, you will go no where real fast.  If fact  you will be in a perpetual circular motion until you do.

This action on your part may be in another area of your life which seem unrelated, but it is holding you back from what you want or where you want to go in order to move forward.

Where is your focus?




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