Vacation or Fast or Both

I have a proposition for you and an idea that I bet you have never thought of as a way to bring about some substantial change in your life.  That is through a “fast”.  Before you totally blow me off here, hear me out.  This isn’t what you think it is.

The definition of the word “fast” is:  “…is primarily the act of willingly abstaining from some or all food, drink, or both, for a period of time. …”

Do you see those two words there in blue?  Let’s substitute a word or two in there for our own “moving forward fast” shall we?  In order to get the most out of our “fast” we will first need to know where are the areas in your life where the greatest amounts of your “energy” are being spent in “WORRY”. 

Please think of 3 areas that you are currently spending a great deal of your time and energy worrying.  Have you got them?

OK, so here’s what I am suggesting to you.  Let’s say that you are the most worried about “money”.  I would like you to agree to:  “…voluntarily abstaining from all spending of money for a period of time, let’s say one week…” 

Try this, use what you have.  Don’t go out and buy “more” groceries, use what you have in the house.  Unless it is spoiled or has been in the freezer for more than 6 months (it needs to be thrown out anyway), use what you have.  Make it work.  Canned soup is still canned soup at breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Try not using electricity unless absolutely necessary.  I mean, eat by candle light for a change.  I once knew someone who did this at breakfast instead of having coffee and watching morning TV and his whole day looked different to him.  Instead of watching TV from the moment you get home until the 11:00 o’clock  news is over, pick one of those magazines in the pile over there or a book and read.  Take a warm bath or shower and then go to bed early.

No excuses here.  Your children can be on this adventure with you.  Make it a fun thing.  Let them choose the cans, or frozen things to make a mealtime fun and you get a cleaned out pantry and freezer all in one week!

If weather permits, go to a public park and just stay there all afternoon.  The dry cleaning will still be hanging in the dry cleaners next Saturday for you to pick up.  There will be a delivery at the grocery store next week for you weekly shopping.  There will be something new at the discount store that you can’t live without next week.  Just go on cruise control and live with what you already have in your home. 

That also means, no fast food drive through windows, no restaurants, no take out or delivery.  This isn’t suppose to be seen, viewed, felt, or even perceived as punishment.  It is voluntarily stopping a very specific activity which brings you pain and worry and reaching for the antacids!  You are giving yourself a wonderful “GIFT”!

What does this do?  It helps you to let go of your worry.  It shows you that you do already have all you need right within your own four walls at home.  It is more than just at “fast”, it is a “money vacation”! 

If you are willing to go two steps further, here they are:  When you feel the pull to grab the car keys and “go”, stop, and get out a piece of paper and walk through every room in your home and look around at all that you currently have which was provided through your hard work.  Write the room’s name on the paper and then write:  I am grateful for my living room, I am grateful for our sofa, I am grateful for the end table and lights, I am grateful for the potted plants which give me nature and joy, I am grateful for our dog who brings fun and companionship in my life… get the idea.  Be grateful for what you have right now!

Here’s the second thing:  If you found that you were less worried this week on your money fast” or “money vacation”, what was the second thing on your list that you are spending lots of time and energy worrying about? 

How would you feel about “____________ fast” next week?  I would love to know how this goes for you and what your own insights and feeling were.  Comment below!