Useless Conversations

What do you do when you see the office gossip coming toward you or you see a text from this person?

We have all been in meetings, having coffee, or the proverbial “water-cooler” conversation where we become entangled in “Useless Conversations” which serve no purpose.

It as if we just like to hear ourselves talk, the sound of our own voice is pleasing and “fills” the gap of boredom.  That’s right, “boredom”.

It is much like the person who turns to food to fill the void in their life.

When they are between things or bored, they eat.

When a person is between things or bored and needs to fill time……useless conversations fills the dead air, which they find so uncomfortable.

Save your idle banter and useless conversation for times when you know that is what you are choosing to do with your friends.  Whether it is meeting up after work, or having your hair done, shopping with friends or at a family reunion.  There is a time and a place for “Useless Conversations”.

No matter what you label this activity, the consequences can lead to a much more serious state of being.

A reputation can be ruined.  Yours and the person being talked about.

A friendship will immediately end.

A marriage can falter and fail with harmful hearsay; true or not.

A professional career can be tarnished and unrepairable if something is carelessly said or inferred.

A person’s image can be torn apart through idle gossip.

Think twice.

Who really needs to hear anything that you may want to put out there just to impress, or show that you might know something, or any other of the hundreds of stories we tell ourselves about why others should know something?

It is important in business and in your private life to know when to say something and when to just stay quiet.

Think about who might be impacted by what you say before you open your mouth.

I am reminded of a verse from Ephesians 4:29…”Let no corrup word proceed out of your mouth but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers.”

Now that is a pretty clear cut albeit heavy statement that we each can take into consideration each time we feel the need to open our mouths.



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