Unlocking Who You Are

What unlocks your heart?  Probably things like little puppies, kittens, the cooing of a mourning dove, a smile from a loved one, a long awaited hug. chocolate and a million other things which you have never really stopped to think about.   Every day we experience thousands of these “moments” where we could find a moment of “refueling”, a shot in the arm, a breath of fresh air, that “moment of peace” to help us make it to the next moment not knowing when that will be or where we will be to intersect it.

Those items are the superficial things that unlock our hearts.  I’m talking about the really deep down unlocking where decisions come from.  What turn of that key turns the “NO” to a “YES”?

That place where your no becomes your yes is all about what you value and that value is all about how you feel about your own worthiness in any given situation, with any given person with any decision.

I would like for you to sit and think about this for the next couple of days and see what comes up for you.