Unemployment Choices for Essentials

Last time we discussed how to make some difficult choices about the essentials in our lives when we are unemployed.  Today I would like to list some of the ways that you can also make some choices without breaking the bank and still keep a calm home and your relationships intact.  Here’s the list:

Check you bank fees.  Don’t pay for privileges you do not use.

Scale back on your (TV) viewing services.  Do your research.  Your bill can be much lower.

Check your tire pressure regularly and change your air filter yourself.  These two items can save you big bucks in the long run.

Consolidate your errands into one trip.  Plan it out, write it down and begin by going to the farthest place first and work your way back home. Bring your own lunch, snacks and water! No DRIVE THROUGHS!

Wash your own car!   Teach your kids!

Buy “Generic”.

Cut Fruit Juices in half with water.

Do not purchase “Prepackaged Food”.  It is more than twice as expensive and even more unhealthy.

When our family lived in California, and there is always a drought in the sunny state of California, we had to put in water restrictions, low water flush toilets, no water running while brushing your teeth, 2 minute showers, lawns watered every other day, car washing on odd or even days based on your house number and so on.  These are good ideas no matter where you live.

Bathe and clip your own pets.  Who knows you might be very good at it.

Unless you have been out working in the garden or in the mud…..reuse your bath towel.  Hang it up in an airy place and reuse it and save on washing and drying.

Do not go into stores.  This is where temptation runs wild.

Go for a walk in the park down the street or for a run when you are feeling left out and the urge to shop overwhelms you.

Go to your local library!   Start reading again,  take your kids, they have DVD’s there! They also have free courses on how to use the computer and software programs.  Expand and deepen your skill set.

Be a “Brown Bagger”!

DO NOT PRINT ANYTHING from your computer.  99% of all printed items are thrown away.  That is throwing away money!

If you buy new clothing, buy wrinkle free clothing to cut down on your dry cleaning bill.  The chemicals they use in dry cleaning aren’t good for you anyway!

Hey, I know you have lots of great tips yourself.  Let me know your top 10 Essentials!