Unable To Make Good Decisions?

If this question in the title of this post is Y-O-U, then listen up.

I have decades of experience that have proved to me that the reason a person is “unable to make good decisions” is a multi-faceted combination of:   poor role modeling, little to no personal foundation work, not knowing what you believe about the topic, idea, or thought, and knowing why you are believing what you do about it.

Let’s take them one by one, over the next few days.  I suggest that you read each, think about what that looks like in your own life and then make a decision to do something based on what isn’t working for you right now.

Poor Role Modeling”:  this at its most basic means that their were no adults or older peers around you who make good decisions on a regular basis.  If you do not know what it looks like to make a good decision, what it feels like to make a good decision then you have no way of what to do when a decision makes its way into your life.   Let’s take an example.   If I were to look into your freezer right now, what flavor of ice cream would I find there?   Whose favorite is it?  When you were a kid and you got a treat of going into an ice cream store and you were told, “….you can have any flavor you want….”, what did you do?  Let’s say it is your birthday and you are eight years old and you are told you can have any gift you like and I have $20.00 to spend on that gift, what did you do?

When we know what we want and why we want that specific flavor of ice cream (it’s my favorite and I’ve never had a bad experience when I have eaten that flavor before) then the decision is easy, right?  That’s an example of being able to make a good decision based on what you believe to be true and why you believe that truth.

How does that logic sound to you?

I’d love to hear from you.  Perhaps you might share your first remembrance of making a decision, what it was, how you felt etc.



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