Unable to Make Good Decision II?

Last time we discussed on facet of this premise:   the reason a person is “unable to make good decisions” is a multi-faceted combination of:   poor role modeling, little to no personal foundation work, not knowing what you believe about the topic, idea, or thought, and knowing why you are believing what you do about it.

Today we are going to look at:  “knowing what you believe and why you believe that“.

As we grow up and we begin to see for ourselves what is true out in the world and when that truth is in direct opposition to what we have been taught at home, conflict raises its ugly head.  Now you must discern for  yourself what you are going to believe and WHY you then decide to believe.   This is where things get confusing to a whole lot of people.  They are tore between what they have been taught at home and what they experience out in the big world.  When this disconnect becomes overwhelming, we become paralyzed and unable to make any decision.  That’s how one gets to this place.

Does this make sense to you?

Do you see how it is very easy to get into this place of being “unable to make a good decision”?

Please give me an example of how this has played out in your life.



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