Trust the Situation

Everyday is an exercise in TRUST.

Last time I asked you where you trust, and who you trust.

I submit that you actually trust in this manner:

You and I both have to trust:  Situation by Situation.

Here’s an example:  If you commute to work you have to trust that “situation by situation” during your commute; will continue as it usually does, rain snow, sleet, or shine, accident or not, traffic jam or not.

If you commute you have to trust “circumstance by circumstance”, in other words you have to trust that if there is rain, sleet, snow, or shine that the department of transporation is on the ball taking care of things and that if there is an accident that the police are handling the the situation.

If you commute you have to trust “relationship by relationship”.  Here again you have to trust that let’s say there is an accident up ahead several miles, you have an unsaid relationship with the DOT, the police, the EMT’s who are working.  All of these are “Trusts” that you have.

What other examples can you think of?



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