True vs Truth

Do you know the difference between these two words:   True vs Truth?

The word TRUE is your perspective of something.

The word TRUTH is universal and cannot be changed.

Let’s look at these in light of what happens to each of us on a daily basis.

Today you on your calendar you had an appointment to make a sales pitch for a product you would like a potential customer to buy from you.

You were on time, your pitch was spot on and then you asked for the sale.

Your potential customer did not buy from you.

What is true for you today?

Right here you can probably come up with a million reasons, all logical and perhaps 100% false.

Your potential customer did not buy from you today.  You didn’t have the sale when you went in and you still didn’t have the sale when you left.  Nothing more, nothing less.

What you perceive, what you feel, what you think, and even what you say and do next is 100% true for you in that moment.

What is the truth for your potential client?

The client knows that you have a high quality product.    The client does need your product.  This past month sales for your potential client are down by 10% and this client has no capital to put out for any new products, needed or otherwise.  This potential client’s checkbook for expenditures this month is closed.

This potential client appreciates your attention to being on time.

This potential client knows that you are always a great presenter and salesman.

This potential client is praying sales go up next month so he can buy your product.

Your perspective can always change when viewed through the truth of your customer, your client, your spouse, your child, or any other person who is in a relationship with you in your life.



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