Trouble On The Horizon

Recently, I have received many calls and emails from clients who are beginning to see “trouble” on their own horizons.  These are the folks who are just like you out there, who have been hoping and praying that, it (the down turn) will not affect them in the ways showing up on national newscasts every night.  Only to now discover that they now need to take action, but they really do not want to “do heavy pruning” , they just want to take the cosmetic approach.

Here’s what I know for sure in times like these:  There are no small, non-hurting cosmetic fixes. We as Americans have actually cut off our own ability to “run” and to “catch the American Dream” due to our own selfish greed. 

I grew up most of my life in a country other than the US.  As an adult I travel a great deal overseas and here at home in the US I am surrounded and I interact with and entertain people from other lands 24 – 7 – 365.  So I really see both sides of this equation.  I am sorry to say that we as Americans sit almost pompously atop our ability to “live the dream”. 

When we “fail” to humble ourselves and be grateful for the blessings that have been bestowed on us and continue to “store up” and to “gain more” in the pursuit of ????(this will be different for each person) we will and we have been struck down for our greed.

This is one of those principles in life that is doesn’t matter if you believe it or not for it to be a truism.  The lack of “fulfillment” in the belly, hearts and minds of a people, a town, a family, a nation is very sad.  We are being “humbled” in the very area which is still our greatest strength! 

The question is:  What is it that we are being taught in this most painful way?

The answer is:  Be grateful for what you have been given and what you have right in front of you. 

Do not lament over the past and its losses.  They are gone. 

This moment you are in is a state of “brokenness” and from this place you gain your greatest learning and strength!

Trails in our life and disappointments and other stumbling blocks are confusing and they do cause hurt in our lives.  However, remember that YOU my friend are 100% responsible for all the decisions that put you where you are right this moment. 

Deflecting and blaming others who followed out your decisions, does not wash here.  This is not about chastising you for your decisions, it is rather about you understanding when you make a decision, you also accept the consequence. 

That consequence can be a positive and a gain or it can be a negative or a loss.  It is the complete understanding of this that is the lesson.

Ask yourself:  “What am I not seeing about how I make my decisions?”  “What character traits does this shed light on that I need to work on?” 

Just maybe this is all about one area of your life where you are out of sync.  The area you have let slide.  The area where you have not been as vigilant as you should have been.  Perhaps you have be taking and gaining for years and not giving back, not thanking, not being grateful and so on.

Take a good hard look in all the areas of your life and see what are your gains, what are your praises, where can you be grateful, where can I pay closer attention and so on. 

Areas you may want to consider:  Spiritual Life, Financial Life, Health, Relationships (Intimate and Social), Professional Life, Personal Life, Family Life, Parenting Life, Fun and Enjoyment of your life.  There may be others.  Write them out and take a good hard look at each one of them.

In order to affect deep change, we need to do some soul searching.  I am going to tell you to do the opposite of what you now do: 

RUN to your problems, do not run away from them.  Embrace them as opportunities to grow deep inside of yourself there in your core where your character resides. 

When we first begin to solve a problem with “emotion”, then everything is clouded, our thinking is not clear, because we are looking through tears and pain.  We cannot make wise decisions in a state of emotional upheaval.

This will only last as long as you do not learn what is being taught.

Strengthen yourself by knowing that you are not “inadequate”.

 You are adequate! 

You are not “unworthy”. 

You are worthy!

You have let life and decisions and finances be run by the world and not by your own good judgement.  living life is not about more!

I have every confidence in you.  You are a good person and you are capable of making fantastic sound decisions. 

The curtain has just been raised and full strength of the sun is shinning in and what it is revealing to you is your golden opportunity to turn things around beginning from your core.