Trials, Tribulations and Transition

Recently, I was sitting in my hairdresser’s chair and she inquired about our last conversation, which was about a wedding that I was to attend.

I said:  “…wedding…?”  She went on talking and I basically left the room and went into my head thinking:  what wedding?

Later that afternoon, I found myself walking up and down the isles of my local grocery with my list in hand and nothing in my cart.  What was I doing?

For the past 6  months I wake up and am more tired than when I went to bed.  I make no plans because they never happen,  I see seasons and holidays pass but, I am not involved and not really aware of what is going on with the world around me.

I feel like I am being pelted by one of those ball machines that tennis players and batters use, only I am the target.

So what is going on for the last 6 months?  Well, life, that’s what has been happening, life  in all its many dimensions.

Sometimes we are faced with trials and when they happen one right after the other our lives becomes turbulent like the white water in a river and we have tribulation.  We are turned over and over, to come up for a gasp of air only to be plunged back down only to  come up once again disoriented.

We are in a season of transition from one moment of calm through the turmoil of life and then we must each navigate through this time into a place of realization that change is part of this life we live.

So if you are feeling pelted,  going through trials one after the other and you are grasping at the transition you are swimming in, congratulations; you are normal.

Talk to someone, you may be surprised to know they are going through some trial of their own.  Yours won’t seem so big!

Meet a friend for coffee and let them do all the talking and just soak in your coffee, the ambiance, the smells, the sounds around you and leave your troubles at the door.

Life is one transition after another.