Transforming Other Life Areas

In the last post we talked about how to plan out the steps in “Transformation” of your Business life.   In this post we are going to take that to all of the other areas of your life.

Once again, when you think about transforming one area of your life, what area pops into your head first? 

For some of you this may seem a be surreal.   You may not think of your life as segmented into areas so, here’s a little help for you.   As coaches we sometimes do a little assessment of a clients life by giving them a list of areas of life and asking them to rate each area on a scale of 1 t 10 with one being poor and ten being perfect.  Now, in reality no one is a one nor is every area a ten.  Most of us who are normal fall somewhere in the middle.  We often as coaches, coach our clients to move the number by just one up or one down (if they are in over whelm) in order to improve or transform their lives in some manner.

So here are the areas that are typical for most of us:  Professional Life, Financial Life, Health and Wellness Side of Life, Parenting Life, Social Relationships, Private/Intimate Relationships, Spritual Life, Fun In Life, Living Environment (Home), Personal Growth Opportunities, Professional Growth Opportunities and you may feel free to add any other areas of your life which are important or segment these into something else.  No two of us has the list of items.

We will now employ the same process we did the last time.  What you do is to insert the specific area of your life and decide to work on just that one thing.  At the top of your piece of paper write that area of life and then proceed with the process.

I am going to think about transforming _______________________________Area of my life.

What are you looking to transform? 

When you personally think; “….I need to change something (in other words “Transform”) in myself, my world, my career, my relationships (or whatever that is)…”  What is it that pops into your mind first?

That is the thing that you should write down.  When you write it down.  Write the first word or phrase that pops up.   Then think about it for a moment or two and then write it down underneath your first impression in sentence form.    Next ask yourself:  “Who”, “What”, “When”, “Where”, “Why do I want to transform”?  These are pivotal to your ability to move forward from the initial thought that “…somethings got to change….something has to go through a transformation….”.

Do you understand this process?

Let’s write it down step by step and expand on what we are doing i this “Transformation”.

Step 1     Decision to think about:   “I want to have a transformation in my _____________________________  life”

Step 2    Think about the statement in step 1.   Write down the first word or phrase that comes to mind when you say it.

Step 3   Look at the word or phrase you have written down, now close your eyes and let your mind dwell on the word or words.  What comes up?

Step 4    Write down in a sentence what you just thought about.  If it is lots of sentences, write them down cynically and legibly.

Step 5  Looking at the list what jumps out out you?   Is it a pattern of ideas, actions, or is it a person’s name, or something else?

Step 6   Write down what jumps out at you.

Step 7   Which one of those has the most “energy” associated with it?

Step 8  Make that one the first one on your list of “Transformation”

Step 9  Look at the the others and prioritize them as to the “energy” associated with them.  These will become 2 through 10 for example.

Step 10  Take a look at #1.  Close your eyes and think about what needs transforming.

Step 11  Write that down.

Step 12  What are all the ways that that transformation can take place?  Think about it.  The easy things, the tough ways, the not in a million years will this or that happen. 

Step 13   Write them all down, do not quantify them or  leave them off because they are ridiculous or absurd.   These are the ones that make it come true sometimes.

Step 14  Which ones on your list are within your grasp, power, or otherwise doable from your place right now in the organization?

Step 15  Take each on and write out a “plan” of how you will accomplish each one, who you need to interface with to make it happen, put a date of completion next to each item

Step 16  Put a start date on the page, then all your steps and the completion date for each.

Step 17  Begin

Step 18  When your completion date rolls around, evaluate how you did.  Remember small victories are still victories!

Step 19  Celebrate! all the victories!

Step 20 Go back to that original list and choose number 2 and repeat the process until all the items on your list are exhausted and you will be transformed!

How did that work for you?

If you found it to be of value and of benefit, you may want to repeat the process for each of those areas in your own life where you feel a real hole, a lack of completion or you want to be at a different or higher number.  This is a process and it takes time.  But you have the rest of your life to make it the best one your can possibly live.